150+ Creative Acts’ First Workshop of the Summer

On June 10th we had our very first workshop for 150 Creative Acts and it was so successful! At the Plein Air Paint Out at the Kootenay Gallery of Art, we had a good handful of local artists come and set up anywhere they liked on the property and paint the beautiful scenery we have here. It was a little rainy that day as well, so we set up a station indoors for those who’d rather paint still-life (or stay out of the rain). It was so interesting to see the different art styles and attitudes brought into each artwork – we had a lot of fun. Pictures from the event are up in our Photo Gallery! We plan on hosting at least one more Paint Out before the end of the project.

Another thing worth noting is the opening of the 150+ Creative Acts show in the Kootenay Gallery of Art on Friday, June 16th! In the large gallery will be an exhibition of professional artists’ work and their idea of what Canada 150 means to them; in the small gallery we will have participation tables where visitors can come in and tell us why you’re grateful to be in Canada, draw some beautiful pictures, and/or write some poetry/stories. We will also have a craft table set up for those avid crafters. All of these will count toward 150 Creative Acts.

Check back for more news!

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