Welcome to 150 Creative Acts!

150 Creative Acts is a project that hopes to inspire and connect you with activities and resources to spark your creativity this summer. The “150” in 150 Creative Acts is in recognition of the number of years Canada has existed as Canada. We’re hoping to get a total of at least 150 acts from within the region but we’re hoping for many more. We’ve got a lot of activities planned in the community of Castlegar to help this happen. 150 Creative Acts is going to keep track of all the creative acts that happen between June 16 and July 29. For every 150 acts, we’re going to light a birthday candle for Canada. Let’s get Castlegar glowing with creativity!

To find out more about the project, come back to this site regularly, “like” or “follow” us on Facebook (150 Creative Acts), Twitter (@150_acts) or Instagram (@150creativeacts) or drop by the Kootenay Gallery of Art where we have taken over the Gallery.

We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia.

Here is a poster and brochure that you can download if you want paper copies:



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